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29 Feb Sex-Crazed Culture

What are we to say about this culture? We could always play the comparing game when it comes to sexuality and say we are better than ancient Rome or better than current day Amsterdam. This culture is spiraling downward fast and it is a result...

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26 Feb A Sanctified Waste of Time

How many times have you grown frustrated with “wasted time”? It seems I have this frustration on a daily basis. I’m always evaluating my schedule and looking at my calendar to see that it is filled up. This is because I’m wound too tight. I...

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02 Oct Modern Art and the Imago Dei

If you are like me, non-artistic, you may have a hard time trying to understand and appreciate art. The Lord has allowed me to have great strides in appreciation and I am still learning. In an article in the LA Times they discussed the historical...

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