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26 Feb A Sanctified Waste of Time

How many times have you grown frustrated with “wasted time”? It seems I have this frustration on a daily basis. I’m always evaluating my schedule and looking at my calendar to see that it is filled up. This is because I’m wound too tight. I...

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17 Feb On the Outlook for God

God is a restless communicator! I can’t say that enough. Day after day, moment after moment, God is working and communicating. And He can’t help but do so because it is part of His being and it is irresistible…even to Himself! It may sound strange...

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04 Jan New Years Resolution Warning

I posted a few days ago a guide to making New Year’s resolutions. Let me give you one warning … include resolution to rest! You see resolutions revolve around being productive, accomplishing goals, which fit very well into our driven western society. The result is,...

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